In line with the Kenyatta University ethic of stringent planning and orderly execution of undertakings, KUSOL undertook a strategic planning exercise to assess its programmatic and institutional developments and accomplishments and articulate its vision for the future.


The plan created draws on the vision, mission, goals and values of its parent institution Kenyatta University. KUSOL’s strategic plan is set against a layered contextual awareness whereby the contexts analysed represent the realities within which the School of law must operate and respond to in its endeavours.


The layers of the analysis include: a national environmental analysis using the Political, Economic, Social, technological, Environmental and Legal (PESTEL) Analysis Model; a legal sectoral analysis; a Kenyatta University analysis; and a KUSOL internal SWOT analysis.


KUSOL believes that through the various phases of implementation of its Strategic and Vision Plan that is well aligned to that of Kenyatta University, it will continue to deliver quality legal education that is relevant both at home and abroad.


Indeed, this will have an impact on the attainment of the goals of the political pillar of Vision 2030, which among other things comprises of the constitutional initiative as well as judicial and legal reforms.



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