KUSOL’s Journey To Attaining Full Accreditation Status

12 May 2008 - KUSOL Opens
The journey started when KUSOL opened its doors for the first time to an initial 124 students on 12 May 2008.


27 November 2009 - KUSOL Officially Launched
KUSOL was officially launched on 27 November 2009 at a colourful ceremony graced by the then Honourable Attorney General, Mr. Amos Wako, as the Chief Guest, with our Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olive Mugenda as the Chief Host.


29 November 2010 - Provisional Accreditation
The School was initially inspected for provisional accreditation on 24 October 2008. It was thereafter granted provisional accreditation on 29 November 2010.


May 2011 - ISO Certication
Our academic programme was successfully audited for ISO 9001:2008 standard in May 2011. This means that the way we admit, teach, examine, and grade our students has been inspected by certied ISO auditors and found to be satisfactory. This also extends to the processes through which our curriculum is developed and reviewed. A re-inspection was done in May 2012 whereupon we were found to have maintained the standards.


29 Febraury 2012 - Full Accreditation
KUSOL was inspected for full accreditation status on 29 February 2012. It was thereafter issued with a certicate of full accreditation dated 29 Febraury 2012 making it the first school of law in Kenya to attain such status

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