Patent Drafting Centre

The Technology Transfer Office also provides Patent Drafting services. With a concentration of 25 patent drafters, it provides an enabling environment for Kenya’s utilization of the patent system in national development. Specifically the Centre facilitates patent applicants, especially the Kenyan nationals, to access professional patent drafting expertise so as to be able to file patent applications that meet the formality and substantive requirements under the national (Kenya Industrial Property Institute), regional (African Regional Intellectual Property Organization) or international (Patent Cooperation Treaty) routes.
This will result to improved progress of patent applications by nationals transiting into grant and then commercialization. Further the TTO will widen and deepen intellectual property management, technology transfer and commercialization of research findings in order to improve the quality of life of the people of Kenya through a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. Further still it will inspire and mentor higher education staff and other Kenyans to be wealth and employment creators


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