1. Chandaria Foundation
Chandaria-BIIC is a major beneficiary of Chandaria Foundation that donated Ksh.25 million for construction of the Incubation Centre. The Foundation Chairman, Dr. Manu Chandaria is also one of the Distinguished Mentors identified by the Senate to guide the incubatees. A Memorandum of Understanding to that effect was signed on 8th July 2011.chandaria
  2. Youth Enterprise Development Fund (YEDF)
This is a Government agency mandated with identifying promising business concepts among the Kenyan youth and facilitating them through funding. They have been identified by Chandaria-BIIC as a crucial partner in supporting the incubates at the Centre, especially upon graduation. A memorandum of Understanding to that effect was signed on 8th July 2011. The YEDF supported Kenyatta University’s Chandaria-BIIC with Ksh 5 million during the 2011/ 2012 Financial Year.

3. National Council for Science and Technology (NCST) The Council, also a Government agency has been identified as a major partner at Chandaria-BIIC. This owes to the fact that the Centre's activities are in line with the mandate of NCST to support innovative Kenyans to come up with scientific innovations. NCST has so far funded a majority of the companies at Chandaria-BIIC.


  4. Telkom – Orange (Kenya) Limited
Telkom – Orange (Kenya) Ltd has come in aid of the Chandaria-BIIC by setting up a wireless link to improve internet access to incubates who have been admitted to the Centre. The MoU was signed on 27th July 2011.

5. Royal Media Services
Dr S. K. Macharia is one of the Distinguished Mentors appointed by the Senate of Kenyatta University to help the incubates at the Chandaria-BIIC. He delivered a public lecture on 9th October 2012 on encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship among students. Besides, Royal media's Citizen TV is working with the Centre on networking possibilities under Dr S. K. Macharia’s guidance. A memorandum of Understanding to that effect is under way.



6.International Renewable Energy  





7. Centre for innovation Incubation and Entrepreneurship, India



8. University of Western Ontario (Canada) has provided vital exchange of ideas that have been useful to Chandaria-BIIC.


western ontario



9. Selco



 10. The Unreasonable Institute ,East Africa


11. Total Kenya

Evaluators of Ideas entered for the Total StartUpper Challenge 2016


  12.Start Up Africa



13. Junior Achievement


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