Mission, Vision and Objectives

The Directorate serves present and future alumni and the University community by working to develop viable avenues for successful activities that would support the University’s vision to be a dynamic, inclusive and competitive centre for excellence. It strives to be an effective partner in the realization of t he goals cherished by Kenyatta University and its former students.

To mobilize the alumni and well wishers to support the welfare and progress of Kenyatta University and to participate in the enhancement and improvement of intellectual and material well being of Kenyatta University community including fostering close friendship and professional relations between alumni and the university.

(a) To promote social and intellectual interaction between Kenyatta University and the Alumni and also within the Alumni.
(b) To contribute to the growth of Kenyatta University by participating in development projects
(c) To form chapters of the Alumni within and outside the country so as to reach out to all the members
(d) To promote, improve and protect the interest and welfare of the members and the university.
(e) To recognize and support scholarship and academic excellence of Kenyatta University and of the members.
(f) To encourage, develop and maintain academic and social traditions unique to Kenyatta University.
(g) To establish collaborative links other Alumni bodies and organizations in and outside Kenya.
(h) To participate in the deliberations of the University Council and any other meetings in the interest of the development of the Alumni and the University
(i) To participate in any other worthwhile national and International development activities that will portray the Association and the University in good light.
(j) To devise ways and means of raising funds for the activities of the Alumni and collaborative projects with the university.